well, hey there!

Here’s some random facts - because no one likes a boring about me

Hey! I’m Lauren. I'm born and bred from Bournemouth, Dorset, UK.

My life pretty much revolves around what I'm eating and when I'm going to eat next. I can demolish a jar of Nutella in ten minutes with no shame and I find buffets to be dangerous places.

I love exploring and trying new things, even though I’m scared of basically, everything. I'm always thinking about my next trip and I’ve always got itchy feet to go somewhere new.

My first (and proudest) endeavour into the creative world was when I was five years old and my drawing made it into ‘Sooty and Sweep’ magazine - even though they spelled my name wrong (still not bitter).

I also like photography

I’ve been shooting for a number of years and I’d describe my style as half documentary, half guided. Basically, I’ll guide you into a position I think looks cool or I’ll get you to interact with whoever you’re with - and we’ll just roll from there! This helps me get the best natural photos - an authentic smile is the best one!

I shoot with high grade photographic equipment and importantly, I’m professionally insured - hooray!