I’m Lauren.

I live in Bournemouth, Dorset with my boyfriend and our pet houseplants (we’re not trusted to upgrade to real pets yet.)

I bloody love cooking and my life pretty much revolves around what I'm eating and when I'm going to eat next. My best party trick is demolishing a jar of Nutella with absolutely no shame (that’s why it’s banned from the house).

I love exploring and trying new things, even though I’m scared of everything. I'm always thinking about my next trip and I’ve always got itchy feet to go somewhere new. And yes, all my travel plans revolve around food too - love a good food tour!!

I also like photography

I’ve been shooting for a number of years and I’d say my style is relaxed and warm. I’m equally happy capturing moments as they unfold as well as giving you a bit of direction to get the most natural photos! An authentic smile really is the best one!

I love getting to know the people in front of my camera. Then you can think of me as a friend who’s good at taking pictures rather than the photographer with the scary lens. :) (Also I’m just really nosy!)

I shoot with high grade photographic equipment and importantly, I’m professionally insured too!

Big love to the awesome Alia Thomas for my fab head shots

Big love to the awesome Alia Thomas for my fab head shots