Five wedding traditions that make no sense

I’m a massive fan of weddings that are done your way - whether you want to follow tradition or not. BUT, if you are following tradition, are you doing it because you want to, or because it’s just how weddings are ‘supposed’ to go?

Well, here’s a few wedding traditions you might want to think about mixing or ditching…

Tradition 1 - Cutting the cake after dinner

I love food, and uneaten food, especially cake, makes me very sad. You and your guests have stuffed your chops with a three course banquet and now you’re cutting the cake?

Mix it up by… Cut the cake straight after the ceremony. There’s usually a lull at this time while the main wedding party are having their photos taken. Keep everyone happy with cake.

Or ditch it… If you still want to cut the cake after dinner, why not leave it a little later and have a cheese cake? As in, a cake made of cheese! Then it can double up as part of your late dinner buffet. Don’t forget the crackers and chutney - yum!

Tradition 2 - Only men do the speeches

Come on, it’s not the 17th century! Where my girls at?!

Mix it by… Get other people involved than the usual trio of father of the bride, best man and groom. What about your best gal pals, the bride or your mum?

Or ditch it… For some people, the thought of giving a speech is bloody terrifying, so why let the fear of dread get in the way of the party? Just get rid! Or, if you still want to do something special, why not get your favourites to record a video or show a photo montage?

And that follows nicely onto…

Tradition 3 - Only Dad can give the bride away

Another ridiculous one from the 17th century - why must brides be ‘given away’?

Mix it up by… Get your mum involved, or your uncle, or your grandma, whoever’s special to you!

Or ditch it… Walk yourself down the aisle, you go girl!


Tradition 4 - Not seeing each other before the ceremony

These days, most of us live with our partners before getting wed. (You’ve screwed tradition already!) And by the time you’re saying ‘I do’, you’ve probably seen sides of your partner you never thought existed when you first started dating...

Mix it up by… ‘First looks’ are becoming pretty popular, and there’s a good reason why. You still get that special moment where you see each other all fancy for the first time, but, it’s in private. It also means you can get your bride and groom portraits finished early, so you can party the rest of the day!

Or ditch it… Miss each other too much? Get ready together and start the celebrations early!

Tradition 5 - Bridesmaids have to wear the same dress

I was a bridesmaid for my best friend and while we were getting excitable trying on all dresses in the shop, it quickly dawned on us that hardly any colours suited all of us. With me and my pale Irish skin and another friend with a gorgeous olive tan, the struggle was real.

Mix it up by… Go for the same dress, in different colours, or go for the same colour, with different dresses! What one style one girl might feel fabulous in, might not be the same for another.

Or ditch it… Why do we even have female bridesmaids and male groomsmen anyway? Let’s quit these gender stereotypes!

What other traditions are you thinking about doing away with?

Lauren x

About Originally Lauren…

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