"Help, I hate having my photo taken!"

If you think having your photo taken is the most awkward thing ever, you’re not alone. And for those of us that have honed our ninja skills in avoiding the camera at every opportunity, the thought of having a (proper big) camera at your wedding can be daunting to say the least.

Do you suffer from “Chandler Bing Face”?

Do you suffer from “Chandler Bing Face”?

Get to know your photographer

Every photographer has their own style and way of working. Do your research, check out their portfolio and find out how they shoot. Some photographers love super posed stuff, some love letting things unfold, and others are a mix between. A lot of wedding photographers love to meet up with you before you book. Take them up on it! It’s an awesome opportunity to see if you click and to make sure they’re a good fit for you. Your photographer is going to be with you all day - make sure they’re gonna be awesome!


Wear what feels good

It’s your wedding day, so you can already relax in the fact that you’re going to look shit hot! You’ll be beaming all day, so naturally, your photos will look all glowy too. Engagement shoots are also a great way to get to know your photographer so you’re less nervous before the big day. If you’re planning on having a shoot, I have a whole post here on what to wear for the best photos ever.

Posing is ok!

“Arrghh, but I hate posed photos, they are sooo awkward!” I hear you say.

Well, hear me out!

As a wedding photographer, I shoot 95% candid (stealthing about, capturing the best moments without you even knowing) and about 5% posed. This means putting you both in the best light, giving you some light direction and then letting you do your thang naturally. Couple sessions always end up being super fun with lots of laughs and special moments. The best ‘posed’ photos don’t look posed. It goes back to my first point - get to know your photographer, and trust them to get some awesome pictures. They will!

Show us your ‘good’ side

Sadly, a lot of us have hang ups about ourselves. The good news is that your photographer really won’t notice the things you do. Honestly! We’re too busy capturing all the fun and good vibes. But, if there’s something you’re really self-conscious about, tell us! I always ask my couples if they ‘have a side’ they prefer - (mine’s my left side FYI - wonky nose).

Just relax…

Telling someone to ‘just relax’ is almost as good as someone saying ‘calm down’ when you’re raging about something. But seriously, if you click with a photographer who, not only takes a good picture, but has similar vibes to you, then you’re onto a winning combo.

Less Chandler, more this.

Less Chandler, more this.