What should I wear to my engagement shoot?

Let’s face it, it’s not every day we get to frolic around in front of a photographer. But, whether you’re old hat at picking out the perfect outfit, or you just really CBA with it all, there’s no doubting that a decent get up can turn your engagement photos from ALRIGHT to SHIT HOT - no matter your fashion prowess.

So here are five simple tips for putting together a shit hot engagement shoot outfit (that doesn’t require a fashion degree or a trip to ASOS… Though I would argue that your engagement shoot is a VERY good excuse to go to ASOS…)


1) You do you

Getting the cheesy one out of the way, there’s a reason we have the annoying phrase, ‘If you look good, you feel good’. Your engagement shoot isn’t the time to try out those six-inch stilettos when you never wear heels, or that top you’ve never really been sure about. Wear something you feel amazing in, something that’s you at your best. If you feel awesome, your photos will look awesome, too.

2) Match but not matchy matchy

Plan your outfits together. I know. It’s really annoying. You thought you could just turn up! You want to look co-ordinated, but not completely identical. Go for bold colours, they look great on camera. And before your engagement shoot, try your outfits on together so you can make sure they look poppin’. If you want to go full on fashion 101, a quick Google about colour theory will blow your mind with all the colour combinations you could do.

3) Work out your vibe


Casual? Dressy? Somewhere in between? Make sure you’re on the same level of dressiness. Think about where you’re headed on your engagement shoot too. What vibe are you going for? What do your surroundings look like? If we’re headed to the forest, a green dress will just blend into the background, but a red dress will just POP against those leaves.

4) Be an onion

Think about layers! As well as being great for keeping you warm and cosy against the great British elements, layers mean you can switch up your photos quickly and easily. So chuck on a leather jacket, pop your sunglasses in your bag or bring your favourite scarf.

5) Roll with the seasons

Whether you want to go barefoot on the beach for summer, or you want to cosy up on the crispy Autumn leaves, you’ll get amazing engagement photos all year round. So, take advantage, dress for the weather, layer up, and…

Go and rock it!

No matter what you decide to wear, engagement shoots are so much fun, they’re a chance for us to get to know each other and adventure to new places together!